Perfect Chai Latte, Every Time.

We believe that Arkadia Chai Tea Latte is best enjoyed warm as a nice relaxing beverage in the home, or even the office.

Our method for making a mug of perfection is;

  • 1 tbs Arkadia Chai, added to a medium milk jug,
  • Add milk to just under the spout of the milk jug,
  • Begin to froth using the milk steamer of your coffee machine.

Tip: Position the steam wand closer to the top of the milk to stretch the milk and make it more frothy. Lower the wand into the milk to warm it up effectively.




DIY Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Love coffee but find it doesn’t hit the spot on a warm summers day? How about cold brew or iced coffee? we’re sure it’ll perk you up.

Iced Coffee is not simply hot coffee poured over ice – not only will this dilute your coffee, it will also taste bitter – yuk! Cold brewing your coffee lessens the acidity than hot brewed coffee, and also makes for a more aromatic, complex flavour – win, win.

Cold Brewing is super easy, all your really need is time. This easy at home recipe basically requires a mason jar and some sort of filter – nothing fancy.



1/3 cup medium-coarse ground coffee

1 1/2 cups of cold filtered water

Optional: Coffee ice cubes

Optional: Milk



  1. Starting with coffee beans? Grind them up on a medium-coarse setting.
    • Grinding coffee beans yourself ensures the freshest taste, and your coffee will last longer and your only grinding what you need. 
    • A coarser grind ensure less bitterness through the filtration process. 
  2. In your mason jar, whisk together 1/3 cup ground coffee and 1 1/3 cups cold water, until the lumps are gone.
  3. Put the lid on your mason jar, and refrigerate overnight (12-14 hours)
  4. Strain the coffee through a large paper coffee filter, fine sieve, stockings or or strainer lined with cheesecloth.

You’re done!

Feel free to add milk, coffee ice cubs, or if you’re feeling a little fancy; 1 scoop of vanilla ice-cream, then garnish with chocolate shavings.


We used;


Evoke Ricco Coffee Beans 


Macap M2 Manual Doser Grinder