Great Coffee Made Easy.. For the Non-Barista

As we all know, the best coffee is made by expert baristas, they control every aspect of each cup; the water, freshness of the coffee beans, grams of ground coffee, and the list goes on.

Unfortunately we can’t all have this skill and dedication in the space of our own homes. That’s where a fully automatic machine comes into play; these machines do everything for you, from fresh coffee beans and fresh milk to a fully brewed coffee in your favourite mug.


If you don’t have an espresso machine or you’ve never been shown how to create a great coffee through an espresso machine, a fully-auto machine may be the way for you at home, or in the workplace. We love the Saeco Aulika Focus, as you’re able to enjoy fresh whole bean coffee as the machine has a built in grinder, meaning you can steer clear of supermarket coffee and enjoy fresh café quality coffee beans that will stay fresher for longer as they are not pre-ground, and the taste…  well, that’s just something you need to experience! The Aulika provides high quality, consistent coffee, quickly, which is something we all need in life.

The Aulika Focus also includes a steam wand (just in case you want a hot chocolate with perfect frothed milk), and hot water dispenser for those who can also appreciate tea. Lastly, they are made with ease of cleaning in mind, and are highly durable – these machines are designed to pump out 40+ coffees daily.



  • 350 gr coffee beans
  • 2,2 l water
  • 18 coffee grounds
  • 1 l drip tray
  • One-Touch cappuccino
  • 2 coffee cups simultaneously
  • Hot water / steam wand
  • Double pump, double boiler
  • Cup warmer
  • Pre-ground coffee option
  • Steel conical bladescoffee2yourdoorlogo