UTZ Certified, What’s the Fuss?

UTZ-logoYou may have seen the UTZ Certified symbol on the packaging of you fresh Coffee beans, Cocoa, and Tea more and more over the past decade.  Before you run off and check items in your pantry for this little red symbol, you might want to know whats behind it.

UTZ means “good” in Mayan, and that is exactly what the UTZ Certification ensures – good coffee from seed to cup. The UTZ program is more than just growing sustainable coffee; it is a program that has environmental, social and economic impact.


Through the UTZ program farmers;

  • Grow better crops through introducing good agricultural practices and management.
  • Attain a better income by incorporating safe and healthy working conditions including gender equality.
  • Introduce better care for next generations through abolishing child labour.
  • Contribute to a better environment by safeguarding the world resources both now and in the future, through better growth and manufacturing processes, including no deforestation, protection of endangered species and waste management, in turn providing a better life for all.

It is clear that the UTZ Certification contributes to better farming, and a better future for all of us. Obtaining UTZ Certification does not come easy, farmers must comply with the code of conduct yearly through demonstrating the above. 

UTZ is the largest program for sustainable coffee and cocoa in the world, with almost 50% of all certified sustainable coffee now UTZ.


Why Support UTZ Certified Products?

Coffee is produced in over 50 countries with over 25 million people dependent on the coffee industry worldwide, and the certification systems such as UTZ, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance share the common goal of transforming the world’s production systems and value chains to make them more sustainable. In independent studies it is proven that UTZ Certified cocoa, coffee and tea farms generate higher yields and better quality crops than conventional farms, and being trained in the UTZ Code of Conduct helps farmers to improve their knowledge and adopt sustainable farming

UTZ Certified and Fairtrade products available at www.coffee2yourdoor.com.au





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